Largo Police Helping Keep Residents Safe with SafetyNet System

The Largo Police Department is very excited to be launching the SafetyNet program to help locate individuals who wander and are unable to find their way back to safety. Thanks to a $7,500 grant from The Pinellas Community Foundation which will be presented at the Largo City Commission Meeting on Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018, Largo Police Senior Services will be able to initiate the SafetyNet program in the coming months.

SafetyNet is an innovative technology which uses a tracking device worn by individuals to locate them if they wander off and become lost. Other law enforcement agencies have also successfully used SafetyNet including the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office which located an 80-year-old resident in February, 2018 after he wandered away from his home.

"SafetyNet represents a pivotal mile-marker in the public safety field which empowers law enforcement to more effectively locate and safeguard residents who may wander and become lost, vulnerable to dehydration and the elements, as well as potential criminal exploitation. We are excited to bring this life-saving technology to our Largo community and anticipate successful safe returns for those who are prone to wandering and becoming lost," said Largo Police Senior Services Officer Joel Quattlebaum.

The Largo Police SafetyNet initiative will help save lives by decreasing search times and increase the probability of a safe return home. More information about the SafetyNet System can be found at For more information about the Largo Police SafetyNet Initiative, please contact Largo Police Senior Services Officer Joel Quattlebaum at 727-586-7351 or