City of Largo Announces New Grant to Support Neighborhood Projects

The City of Largo is committed to strengthening local communities, helping them become more connected, sustainable and safe while improving the quality of life for all citizens. Every neighborhood and suburb is unique and has its own vision for growth and development. That’s why City administration is working every day to find new ways to make our communities stronger by ensuring that local government is addressing real needs and supporting communities from the bottom up. As part of that effort, the City is proud to announce a new Neighborhood Matching Grant Program.

Working toward Largo’s vision to be the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay, and in support of the City's strategic planning focus area of community pride, the Matching Grant Program will allow local organizations to apply for grants of up to $3,000 for beautification projects like entryway signage, fencing, walkways, fountains, landscaping and/or architectural energy-saving lighting. “Neighborhood projects have the capability to build relationships between neighbors and I am really looking forward to the projects that will come out of this matching grant program and the partnership between the city and area residents,” said City of Largo Vice Mayor, Michael Smith.

There are four basic steps to the program: project pre-approval, application, grant review and reimbursement after completion of the approved project. Registered neighborhood associations, civic groups and crime watch groups are encouraged to visit to learn more about the grant and apply