City of Allegan Conducts Local Census

Dear Resident,

The City of Allegan is the hub of our county and our infrastructure is in need of investment.  You have probably noticed the condition of our parking lots, sidewalks and side streets when you go to work or shop, and you might be aware that much work needs to be done to maintain and improve our water and sewer lines.

Allegan can qualify for community development grants and programs to assist us in improving these areas at less cost to the community, but not without your help.  To qualify, we are required to provide updated information on the composition and living standards of our city residents.  And in order to do THAT, we need your participation. 

Researchers from the Community Research Center at Lake Superior State University will be visiting various homes within the next few weeks to conduct a BRIEF(2 minutes!), anonymous survey of the following information:

  • Your household’s disability status and whether someone is over 62 years old
  • Your household size, ethnicity and general income level (questions pertaining to your income are very broad and not specific to a dollar amount) 

This survey is anonymous and the LSSU Community Research Center will not share individual information with either us or the state.  They will merely report city-wide trends and averages.  We are required to collect this general information on our city in order to qualify for most federal and state improvement grants.  To do this, we need full participation from each household who may have a surveyor approach their house. 

Once again, no names will not be recorded and the questions will be very general.  Please help us by participating in this survey so that we might continue to apply for improvement grants.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at 269-673-5511 or via email at


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