City of Allegan Looking to Relocate City Hall (UPDATE)

On June 11, 2018 the Allegan City Council voted to purchase 231 Trowbridge Street to serve as the New Allegan City Hall.   On June 28, 2018 the City followed through on this vote and purchased 231 Trowbridge Street and we are now in the process of receiving proposals to hire an engineering firm to help with the design and construction management.  It is anticipated that the City will hire a new engineering firm by August and construction will start after the first of the year in 2019.  

In 2017, the City Council identified one of its top priorities as the “Creation of a Long Term Plan for City Hall.”  Over the course of the past year, the City analyzed its current location of 112 Locust Street and had conceptual plans and cost estimates developed to fully rehab that space.  The cost to redevelop 112 Locust Street was estimated at approximately $1.15 million dollars. Considering that 112 Locust Street is 4,670 square feet, the cost to rehab that building is estimated to come out to $247.75 a square foot.

 After several months of analyzing those plans and estimates, the City decided to look at other potential options for a “Long Term Plan for City Hall.” 

The City then studied the idea of 231 Trowbridge Street becoming the “Long Term Plan for City Hall.”  Working with the same architect and engineering firm that studied 112 Locust Street, the City was able to identify that 231 Trowbridge Street held more capacity to create a City Hall that benefits the residents by incorporating all general administrative services into one location, including council chambers, elections, City committee meeting rooms, enough space for all current City Hall staff with room to grow, and appropriate storage.  The estimated cost to purchase this building, fully rehab the first floor and demolish and “white box” the basement of 231 Trowbridge Street is $1.7 million.  Considering that 231 Trowbridge Street is 22,000 square feet, the cost to rehab 231 Trowbridge Street is estimated to come out to $77.27 a square foot. The City is bonding $2 million for this project. 

In addition to the $2 million being bonding for the City Hall project, an additional $3.2 million will be bonded as previously planned by the Capital Asset Improvement Plan through the Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Grant for water, sewer, and street projects. These separate projects, totaling $3.2 million, are being bonded at the same time as the $2 million for City Hall in order to save the City a cost of bonding two different times. These two projects will not increase rates or taxes for City of Allegan taxpayers.

Council decided that 231 Trowbridge Street is the best option for a “Long Term Plan for City Hall” and scheduled a public hearing for June 11, 2018 to receive comments from the public and potentially purchase this property to be used by the City of Allegan for the future City Hall. 

If Council votes in the affirmative on June 11, 2018 to purchase 231 Trowbridge Street, then the City will select an architecture and engineering firm to begin developing design and construction plans for the New Allegan City Hall. 


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