Community Highlights: 118 Locust and 136 Brady

With more and more investment pouring into Allegan each day, the economic and physical landscape of Downtown Allegan is beginning to take shape. Through the revival of 118 Locust, which was once home to a JC Penny's in the 1970's, and the rennaissance of 136 Brady, two of Allegan's most prominent buildings have been filled with mixed uses that will serve as economic catalysts for the greater Allegan community.

118 Locust, which is now known as Lumberman Lofts, is multi-leveled mixed use development. The building, which has received over half a million dollars in federal funding, and an overall investment of $1.3 million, will  be transformed into multiple retail spaces on the main level, and seven loft-style apartments on the second level. For more information on the project, check out Lumberman Lofts' Facebook Page.

136 Brady, which was recently purchased by One Enterprises, LLC in 2017, will begin to see similar improvements. The new development will include five 400 square foot retail spaces on the first floor and and four loft style apartments on the second floor. One Enterprises will be investing $360,236 into the project, with other funds coming from the City of Allegan's Downtown Development Authority.

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